Taekwondo Tweety in South Korea

South Korea

Jeju island[+]

This is a large volcanic island in the south of Korea where many Koreans go for summer holidays. So it has been developed to welcome tourists with many museums, parks and other attractions in addition to its natural attractions : the volcano Hallasan, waterfalls, beaches and seabed.

Below, a little glance at it...

Hallim park

In the park Hallim we can see traditional houses, basalt statues, plants and flowers... The basalt is a volcanic rock produced by the magma cooled.

The basalt statues of Jeju are calles dol-harubang (or beoksumeori) and they represent gods who offer protection and fertility. The origins of these statues are not well known. The name means stone (dol in korean) grand-father (harubang in Jeju dialect).

Basalt statue of Jeju-do (dol-harubang) Traditional house

Palm trees Papaya


Sea and seabed of Jejudo


Fishes Corals

Hanji museum

Below, hanji "dolls". The hanji is the Korean paper made from bark of mulberry tree. Another "doll" shows us that Jeju pigs have a coprophage tendency.

Hanji dolls : Korean familly Hanji dolls : child and Jeju pig


There are a lot of waterfalls in Jeju. Below, one of them by night.


Basalt coast

Let's end with a rocky coast south of the island, with the basalt cliffs of jusangjeolli which reminds the columns of the giant causeway in Northern Ireland. We can eat dried enormous octopus tentacles...

Jeju basalt rocky coast Basalt cliffs of jusangjeolli

Small stone building in jusangjeolli Sunset in South Korea