Mandarin Tweety in China



In Dazu, there are several sites with rock carvings (43) among those : Baoding, Nanshan and Beishan which have kept their color. I only visited the greatest and most impressive of the three sites : Baoding.

Baoding site

Wheel of Buddhist Law

The rock carvings date back to the 20th century under the Song Dynasty. They were made under the patronage of a single monk (Zhao Zhifeng) for 70 years of his life in the heart of an important monastery of Tantric Buddhism (i.e. a Buddhism that also takes Hinduism texts in consideration).

This is the last Buddhist site of its kind to be created in the world.

The site is shaped like an U and is notable for its polychromy still present. Too bad for the bas relief of "Guanyin with a thousand hands and a thousand eyes" closed during my visit. However, the Wheel of Law is superb.