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Leshan is a great site for sculptures and Buddhist temples. The large sitting Buddha (the Buddha of the future : Maitreya), 71 m (78 yards) high in the cliff, is the most impressive !

Buddhist site of Leshan

Great Buddha of Leshan

The site is extensive and we can easily spend a half day or much longer in a slow walk or if we decide to take a boat to admire the giant Buddha from the river. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to do it.

It was built during the eighth century by the Buddhist monk Haitong who wanted to protect sailors from the currents of the three rivers that converge here. It took 90 years to achieve it.

The local history says that although it had taken years to collect funds, the governor ordered to stop everything just before starting work. In defiance, the monk Haitong then proposed to gouge out his own eyes rather than give up the work. And as this statement was not enough, he did it and presented his eyes on a tray to the governor. The latter fled frightened and work could begin... Brrr...