Tweety leprechaun with cauldron in Ireland



There are two great sites in Powerscourt : the gardens, which are the most beautiful in Ireland, and the great waterfall, which is the highest in Ireland.

Powerscourt gardens

Triton lake

A blaze unfortunately destroyed the palace during the 18th century. Although restoration were conducted in 1974, there is no visit. But we can access Triton lake by beautiful stairs which front steps are made with pebbles and arranged in mosaic. The date of construction is written on the front steps : 1875.

The main garden is beautiful with a fountain created from a model of the 17th century by Bernini, the famous Italian sculptor. Then we go through a small Japanese garden with pagoda and bamboos.

Pets, and even cattle, were much appreciated by the family : a cemetary is allocated to them !



Away from the gardens (about 5 km or 3.1 miles), one can also go to another site (fee payable too) to admire a 121 m (398 ft) high waterfall tumbling down from a granite escarpment.

The whole site is beautiful with mountains and forests, which hasn't eluded the movie makers. : a footage of Moby Dick (1956) and another one of Excalibur (1981) were filmed here.