Tweety leprechaun with cauldron in Ireland


Sligo and vicinity

I quickly went by Sligo, but I wanted to make a stopover to discover the poet Yeats, a native of Sligo, see Ben Bulben and go to Tobernalt.
In Knocknarea, there was a Celt princess' tomb : Maeve. I have heard that the overall view from there was breathtaking, but I didn't have enough time to go up there : I had to set out for Slieve League...


Sligo is the homeland of the poet Yeats. A tour of the surroundings is dedicated to him. Thus we can see his statue, with an open book shaped coat, in Sligo, or go to the waterfall of the lake Glencar Lough where he enjoyed going as a child.

Poet Yeats statue Waterfall of Glencar Lough

His grave is at Drumcliff and contains an epitaph from his own hand. There, as well as the Irish typical church, the Celtic cross of the churchyard is worth a glance.

Yeats epitaph Celtic cross

Ben Bulben

The Ben Bulben cliff is outstanding.

Ben Bulben


In Tobernalt (near Carrow), there is a pilgrimage place where were held secret masses during the 18th century while Christianity was forbidden. This place was already sacred for the Celts who venerated a well containing curative water. The well is still there, but it is forbidden to drink or throw a coin : it is now a Christian place !