Tweety with umbrella and bowler hat in United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Brighton ("London by sea") and Beachy Head[+]


Brighton palace

The Royal Pavilion was commissioned by King George IV in 1815 and finished in 1822. John Nash, the great British architect, undertook this work.

The desire to create an oriental style is visible from the outside. But the inside, with China inspiration, is sublime. A huge crystal chandelier is hung in the ceremonial hall. This chandelier is topped by a silver dragon and has also many other dragons below supporting lotus-shaped lamps : fascinating ! The music room is not bad either, with chandeliers looking like lotus. Too bad pictures are forbidden !...

The Palace Pier is located on a...pier : it is the place of entertainment of the waterfront (slot machines, snack bars...). And of course, gulls are numerous.

Beachy Head

Cliffs of Beachy Head

To complete the tour, do not miss Beachy Head just a few tens of kilometers away.

I really enjoyed walking along this chalk cliffs or cliffs of Albion (from the Latin albius : white) : hence the nickname given to England by French : "the perfidious Albion"...

We may see the lighthouse and the cliffs called the seven sisters...