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The Rock of Gibraltar, southern Spain, is famous since ancient times when people thought it was a remnant of a column from the Temple of Hercules. It is mainly a strategic point on the Mediterranean, taken in 1704 by the English. It overlooks the strait of the same name (15 km / 9 miles large) that separates Europe from Africa.

Rock of Gibraltar

After waiting a little while at the customs located in La Linea, we enter a English lifestyle.

The main touristic points can be visited via a tour :

- The Cave (the Greeks believed it was without bottom and led to the realm of Hades)

- The tunnel dug into the rock to withstand the seat of the 18th century

- The open-air museum that tells the story of the siege

- Moor Tower

- Apes

A legend says that if the apes leave the rock, the British will leave too.

Ape of Gibraltar

'Europa Point' is the southernmost point from where we can see the coast of Atlas in front of it.

Europa point

A cable is also available to get to the top of the rock.

For the rest, prices are expensive except for alcohol in duty free. The credit card is not always accepted, but Euro can be but change is given back in Pounds.