Tweety with umbrella and bowler hat in United Kingdom

United Kingdom


My first surprise was to arrive on a weekday evening and find that the streets were swarming with young people leaving pubs, restaurants, or cinema ! Really bustling ! Signs are in English but also in Welsh. The programs of the BBC TV channels are also different from the English broadcasts. Note that the capital of Wales has fewer than 300,000 inhabitants.


The animal wall leads to the castle.

Animal wall : panther Animal wall : apes

The tower is beautiful. There is a former keep in the main compound. The dragon is the symbol of Wales.

Tower of the castle Keep

It is worth seeing ! The interior is superb and the 8 visited rooms have drawn my attention (hence the titi awarded to the city) :

- winter smoking room

- nursery

- arab room

- banquet room

- Lord Bute's room

- garden on the roof

- small dining room (table with a hole in its center to put a pear tree, useful for taking a fruit after a meal...)

- library

Too bad that pictures are forbidden !

In the courtyard, peacocks and gulls gratify us with their cries.

City hall

The neoclassical building is topped by a dragon, symbol of Wales.

City hall Dragon of the dome

Cardiff bay

It is ideal for a pleasant stroll with Pier Head building, the Norwegian Church (in fact, it is no longer a church), the water column, statues... Let's note that the clock of the Pier Head building is known colloquially as the "Big Ben" of Wales or "baby Big Ben".

Cardiff bay with Pier head building Norwegian Church

Llandaff cathedral

Epstein's Christ in majesty

It is located outside Cardiff and we can see the reinforced concrete arch crowned by a large aluminum statue of Christ in Majesty. The statue was built by Epstein in the late 1950s, as part of the rebuilding of the cathedral (which had been partially destroyed during the Blitz in World War II).

More visits

  • Museums including Wales National Museum...

  • Market hall

  • Shopping center around Queen Street

  • Millenium stadium