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This is probably the most mysterious site in England. These circular alignments of huge stones (weighing up to 5 tons) date back to around 3,000 BC and may have been changed until 1,500 BC.


The first alignment (outside) is circular while the second (inside) is shaped like a horseshoe with the opening directed towards a stone placed outside the megalith.

The megalith is comprised of "blue stones" coming from Southern Wales, 400 km (250 miles) away from the site ! Transport could have been done by using rivers. Then to build the megalith the men needed a high level of ingenuity for that time, especially for placing the stones on the top (lintel).

The most probable explanation is :

- To erect the "pillar" stones, a ditch was dug and the stones were toppled in it with wedges and ropes.

- To hoist the lintel stones, a wooden platform was built all around the stone, which was raised step by step with the platform.

The result is amazing and had certainly mobilized over 500 men !

But the most sensational occurs at sunset during the winter solstice (on December 21st) : the ray of sunlight passes precisely through an alignment of stones facing the opening of the megalith ! It is therefore certain that the date from which the days are getting longer, was important for men of that time, although we do not know exactly what is the purpose of Stonehenge : observatory, place of worship, place of ceremony ?...

Other megaliths can be seen near Avebury.