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United Kingdom


It is the oldest university of England : the first buildings were erected there in the 8th century. Unlike Cambridge, the colleges of Oxford are scattered throughout the city. So, it is less "intimate" unless we come in a college. The rain unfortunately accompanied me during my visit : well it is "so British", isn't it ?...

Overview of Oxford

For the visit, I started going to Sheldonian Theatre, one of the first buildings designed by Wren in Oxford (Wren was the architect of St. Paul's Cathedral in London) which is particularly noticeable by its shape and the busts of the pillars. I then went on having a look at the memorial to the Protestant martyrs which honors three Protestants burned alive for "heresy" and then I went and saw the rotunda of Redcliff camera library. Like Cambridge, Oxford has its "copy" of the bridge of sighs of Venice. Christ church was closed the day of my visit. Then I just had a glance at college "All Souls" before choosing to visit Magdalen College (described in next paragraph). My other visits were : St. Mary's Church, University College, and a tower with jacquemarts. We can complete the visit with the botanical gardens.

Sheldonian theatre Bridge of sighs

Magdalen college

I had to choose at least one of the colleges so I opted for the most beautiful. Magdalen college dates back to the 15th century. J.C. Lewis, author of the "Chronicles of Narnia", other famous authors, and not less than 7&bsp;Nobel prizes  have either studied or taught in this college...

Magdalen college

In the chapel, which is a rehearsal place of the choir, there are beautiful stained glass windows and stalls not to be missed.

The main tower and the cloister are also worth seeing, and there is even a deer park.