Tweety with umbrella and bowler hat in United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Edinburgh, "the Athens of the North"[Unesco]

Of course, the Scottish capital has its castle. There is also the opportunity to drink whisky and taste the haggis : chopped sheep offals and come across bagpipers in traditional dress, including the famous kilt with tartan. The famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson ("Treasure Island", "Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde"...) was born in Edinburgh in 1850. But beware, there is a lot of rain and the weather changes quickly...


The first construction of the castle dates back to the 12th century. We visit the palace with the Grand Hall, various rooms, the Chapel of St. Margaret, and the prison where soldiers of Napoleon's army were detained and left graffiti.

See also, the regalia and museums dedicated to the history of the army, and various utensils. With luck, we may come across soldiers dressed in ceremony outfit including a few with the kilt !

By nightfall, below the castle, no ghost, but many rabbits are out...

Castle Soldier dressed in ceremony outfit with bagpipe

St.Gilles cathedral

Although rebuilt several times since the 14th century, it has still kept its original spire.

Thistle chapel is outstanding. (Note : the thistle is a symbol of Scotland). There are sculptures of angels with a bagpipe... Well, why not ?

St.Gilles cathedral Carving of an angel with a bagpipe

Holyrood palace

This is the residence of the King (or Queen) in Scotland.

Holyrood palace

Note : the palace is not open when a royal member stays there...

Near the gates of the entrance, you may notice a stone carved in the shape of wild boar. And we can go for a stroll on the adjacent hill.

Calton hill : "Edimbourg acropolis"

This hill contains antique styled monuments : Tholos, Doric columns, an obelisk in the cemetery and also an ancient observatory.

Tholos Doric columns

Greyfriars bobby

Greyfriars bobby

Greyfriars Bobby is a fountain dedicated to a fox terrier who stayed 14 years at the grave of his master (dead in 1858) while being fed by the inhabitants of the capital.

More visits

  • Huntly House and a museum dedicated to the poet Robert Fergusson.

  • Museums : Museum of Scotland, Museum of Childhood, Museum of Antiquities and portraits, gallery of Scotland, Scottish Writers Museum : R.L. Stevenson, Robert Burns, Walter Scott...

  • Georgian House (inside visit possible) of Charlotte square.

  • Scott Monument and Celtic cross

  • Nelson column

  • Old Town and Princes Street

  • Watchtower and Scotch wiskhy heritage center

  • Parliament House

  • Down the street leading to the castle, we can come across bagpipers.

  • North-west of Edinburgh, 'Forth Bridge' which is a railway bridge was the first bridge of that size built entirely of steel.