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Canterbury cathedral, listed by Unesco, was a place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages to the Archbishop St. Thomas Becket murdered in 1170 by order of King Henry II. This pilgrimage stopped after the dissolution proclaimed by Henry VIII who created the Anglican church (because the Pope refused him a divorce).


The entrance gate contains a figure of Christ. In the cathedral, the location of the tomb of St. Thomas Beckett (which has been destroyed) is represented by a candle. The place of his assassination is commemorated by the altar of the sword's point.

We can also note more particularly the jube, the fan-shaped vault, the pulpit, the recumbent figure of the Black Prince (so called because of the color of his armor), stained glasses, the crypt and cloister.

Entrance gate Cathedral

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Another site is listed by Unesco : St. Augustine's Abbey, founded by St. Augustine, which unfortunately remains only vestiges.