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The 14th century Gothic cathedral is a "must" and it would be a pitty to miss it. However, from the outside, nothing special compared to other Gothic cathedrals.

Cathedral Nave

Inside, take time to visit :

- the jube which is decorated with statues of 15 kings of England : from William I to Henry VI

- the Chapter House

- the clock with 2 characters carved in oak.

- the keystone of the central tower.

- the chapel of the Blessed Virgin.

- the dragon's head which is actually a bracket for winch used to lift the lid of the baptismal font.

- the stained glass windows. The east window contains the largest area of medieval stained glass windows in the world, although some windows are damaged.

- the tombs with recumbent figures

- the statues

Jorvik center

The city of York was the main Viking city in the Middle Ages, until its conquest by the Anglo-Saxon. The Jorvik center recreates the Viking atmosphere of that time. This is a visit to do, but having fallen behind, I couldn't...

Jorvik center

More visits

  • York Castle Museum

  • Railway National Museum

  • There are many grey squirrels (a little bigger than red squirrels), typical of Britain, which can be easily seen in the city parks. These squirrels come from America and have gradually driven away the red squirrels...

    Grey squirrels Grey squirrels

In the vicinity

Near Kilburn, on a hill of Sutton Bank, emerges suddenly a great white horse...

Horse of Sutton Bank